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  • devon molton arbour
    devon molton arbour

    Devon Molton Arbour

    A beautiful seating area featuring a garden bench with casing and roof. Manufactured with sturdy and heavy duty timber, this product is built to last and is great value for money. Its traditional design, makes it a firm favourite with homeowners, community spaces and hotels.    Made in the UK    Pressure Treated    Self-Assembly
  • dartmouth curved arch with seat
    dartmouth curved arch with seat

    Salcombe Arbour

    This stunning arbour can comfortably seat 2 people and is ideal for relaxing in your outdoor space. Trellis panels run up either side of the arbour, perfect for climbing plants to grow. Made using timber sourced from well managed forests and pressure treated to remain beautiful for years to come.    Pressure Treated    Self-Assembly
  • dartmouth curved arch with seat
    dartmouth curved arch with seat

    Dartmouth Curved Arch with Seat

    The Dartmouth Curved Arch Seat is made in our factory in Britain using FSC Certified timber that is pressure treated to help withstand the elements and ward off mould and rot. The seat would make a stunning feature in the garden and features trellis panels perfect for climbing plants.    Pressure Treated    Self-Assembly
  • exmouth 2 seater corner arbour
    exmouth 2 seater corner arbour

    Exmouth 2 Seater Corner Arbour

    A stylish arbour that would fit well in any corner of the garden, with trellis panels either side ideal for supporting climbing plants. Manufactured from quality sourced timber and pressure treated to ensure longevity. Perfect for two to sit and enjoy the garden.    Pressure Treated    Self-Assembly
  • exmouth roofed arbour
    exmouth roofed arbour

    Exmouth Roofed Arbour

    A roofed arbour that provides shelter for two come rain or shine. Made in Britain using FSC certified timber from sustainable sources and pressure treated to protect from insects, mould and rot for years to come.    Made in the UK    Pressure Treated    Self-Assembly
  • exmouth large corner arbour
    exmouth large corner arbour

    Exmouth Large Corner Arbour

    A large corner arbour that offers a seat for up to 4 people and features a small table for practicality, great for summer BBQ’s with family and friends. Made in Britain and manufactured using timber from well managed forests. The timber is also pressure treated to ward off mould and rot for up to 10 years.    Made in the UK    Pressure Treated    Self-Assembly
  • tavistock arbour
    tavistock arbour

    Tavistock Arbour


    This stunning Arbour is a garden feature in its own right. Perfect for watching the world go by in comfort and style. With its feature roof, it will also keep users dry in the unpredictable UK climate.

    Manufactured with high quality timber sourced from sustainable and renewable sources it makes a beautiful addition to any home.

       Made in the UK    Pressure Treated    Self-Assembly
  • devon large corner garden arbour
    devon large corner garden arbour

    Devon Large Corner Arbour


    This stunning large corner arbour is perfect to create an outdoor seating area in any garden or public space. Suitable for seating four adults easily with added table for practicality.

    The product is created using sturdy timber products sourced from renewable sources in northern Europe. It boasts trellises to train plants to grow up and around the seating to add an extra garden effect.

       Made in the UK    Pressure Treated    Self-Assembly