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Garden Furniture – Quality outdoor garden furniture

With more than 25 years’ experience designing and manufacturing quality outdoor garden furniture, you can be rest assured that your garden design project is in safe hands with us!

Offering a selection of bird tables, benches, table & chair sets, trellis, planters, arbours and stunning gazebos

you will find an eye-catching piece of outdoor furniture to suit your style and garden space.

Choose from a whole host of designs and finishes including pressure treated outdoor furniture to extend the life expectancy for over ten years.

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  • padstow footstool garden
    padstow footstool garden

    Padstow Footstool

    This comfortable footstool compliments the Padstow garden furniture collection and fits seamlessly against the wide range of chairs and benches.

    As with all the Padstow collection, this footstool has been made in Britain using timber sourced from FSC Certified forests.

       Made in the UK    Self-Assembly
  • padstow connecting table
    padstow connecting table

    Padstow Connecting Table


    Simply place the Padstow Connecting Table in-between two chairs or benches and easily combine seating with a table top perfect for food, drinks and books.

    This great piece of timber garden furniture has been made in Britain, manufactured using FSC Certified wood.

       Made in the UK    Self-Assembly
  • padstow companion bench
    padstow companion bench

    Padstow Companion Bench

    Two people can sit comfortably and enjoy the garden with the Padstow Companion Bench, featuring two separate chairs with adjoining table, ideal for resting food and drinks.

    Manufactured in Britain using timber from FSC Certified forests. Easy to use, self-assembly instructions included.

       Made in the UK    Self-Assembly
  • padstow single seat rocker
    padstow single seat rocker

    Padstow Single Seat Rocker

    A high-quality garden chair with a contoured seat that offers maximum comfort. Made in Britain using FSC certified timber.

    The Padstow Single Seat Rocker includes easy to follow instructions for stress-free self-assembly.

       Made in the UK    Self-Assembly
  • padstow 2 seater rocker
    padstow 2 seater rocker

    Padstow 2 Seater Rocker

    The Padstow 2 Seater Rocker is a stunning piece of British garden furniture, manufactured using FSC certified timber.

    The contoured seating makes it a great place to relax and the lighter-pebble stone shade of wood is perfect for brightening up your outdoor space.

       Made in the UK    Self-Assembly
  • padstow 3 seater bench garden
    padstow 3 seater bench garden

    Padstow 3 Seater Bench

    This modern garden bench can comfortably seat 3 people, perfect for when family and friends come to visit.

    The Padstow 3 Seater Bench is British made using timber sourced from FSC Certified forests. Self-assembly instructions included.

       Made in the UK    Self-Assembly
  • padstow 2 seat bench
    padstow 2 seat bench

    Padstow 2 Seater Bench

    Sit back and enjoy the garden together in the stunning Padstow 2 Seater Bench. The comfortable design and hidden fixings make it a stylish addition to your outdoor space.

    Manufactured in Britain and made using FSC Certified timber.

       Made in the UK    Self-Assembly
  • padstow single seat
    padstow single seat footstool

    Padstow Single Seat

    This high-quality garden chair has a stylish, curved design for maximum comfort, making it the ideal place to come and relax after a long day.

    Made in Britain and manufactured using FSC Certified timber. Self-assembly instructions included.

    *Footstool sold separately.    Made in the UK    Self-Assembly
  • sidmouth companion bench
    sidmouth companion bench

    Sidmouth Companion Bench

    The Sidmouth Companion Bench is perfect for two people to sit back, relax and enjoy the garden. The adjoining table also makes it ideal for placing food and drinks.

    Manufactured using FSC Certified timber that has been pressure treated to help ward off rot for years to come.

       Made in the UK    Pressure Treated    Self-Assembly
  • rustic alcove seat
    rustic alcove seat

    Rustic Alcove Seat

    A gorgeous rustic seat suitable for two people to sit and enjoy the garden, with adjoining table perfect for resting food, drinks and books.

    Made in Britain using heavy duty timber from sustainable and renewable sources.

       Made in the UK    Self-Assembly
  • holcombe alcove seat
    holcombe alcove seat

    Holcombe Alcove Seat

    The new Holcombe Alcove Seat with adjoined table is ideal for placing drinks, food, books, and other items needed in the garden. Strong, robust and easy to assemble, the twin seat is built from quality timber from sustainable and renewable sources.    Made in the UK    Pressure Treated    Self-Assembly
  • 4 foot holcombe bench
    4 foot holcombe bench

    4ft Holcombe Bench

    The 4ft Holcombe Bench can comfortably seat 2 people and is ideal for simply relaxing in the sun. This bench is built using heavy duty timber from sustainable and renewable sources and is pressure treated to ensure its fantastic condition and quality remains for years to come.    Made in the UK    Pressure Treated    Self-Assembly